The history of the Chair

Naum Krasner. One of the founders and the first Head of the Chair

      The history of the Chair of Mathematical Methods of Operational Research (MMOR) goes down to 1963 year, when a small group of colleagues from the Chair of Partial Equations, who got interested in economical and optimization problems and began to work separately, in isolation from the research interests of the Chair.
      Beginning from 1964 this group, which included N.Y. Krasner, I.B. Russman, V.A. Yakovlev, T.D. Sizova, G.D. Chernyshova, N.V. Dement’eva, L.G. Afanaseva got an opportunity to prepare students - 10-12 people a year. They were called "econometrists". From 1964 to 1969 4 generations of students (48 people) graduated from the Chair. By that time an independent group of researchers gathered and there emerged a question about creation of the Chair with a then very rare name - "Operational Research".
      And on the 13th of August the Chair with such name was organized. In the future the Chair had to change its "place of living" several times. Firstly, in 1969 the Chair of MMOR was included into the structure of the Mathematical Faculty. The Chair continued to prepare mathematicians at the Mathematical Faculty and it was at this time when the idea of preparation students of the speciality "economical cybernetics" was born. But, due to some problems at the Mathematical Faculty, it was decided to organize the speciality of such kind at the Economical Faculty. So in 1971 at the request of Economical Faculty the Chair was moved to it. The preparation of students continued both at Economical and Mathematical Faculties. But the speciality of economical cybernetics still wasn’t opened. On the 12th of July the 1974 the Chair was moved to the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (AMM). Since that time the Chair has been at the Faculty of AMM. Moreover, since 1992 year there has been a speciality "economical cybernetics" (mathematical and information support of economic activity) at this faculty.

      Within the framework of the given specialization the system analyzers for the new spheres of economy (banks, stock exchange, investment and trust companies) are being prepared. The tuition is conducted under the programs, which are completely appropriate to the best Russian and foreign samples. A specialist on economic cybernetics is capable to realize activity on mathematical modeling, algorithmization, programming and analysis in industrial, administrative, financial and research structures. The Chair of MMOR prepares masters under the program "Operational Research and system analysis".

1998 year

Now professors of the Chair conduct general courses at the Economical Faculty, read the main courses at the Faculty of AMM. The Chair prepared such courses as "Discrete mathematics and mathematical logic", "Theory of probability and mathematical statistics", "Methods of optimization", "Operational Research", "Theory of economical models" and others. The whole list of disciplines, prepared at the Chair can be seen below.
      In fact the Chair goes in for system investigations and from this point of view it is a homogeneous team of scientists, i.e. every local problem, connected with organizational, social-economical systems, technical and economical problems can be successfully stated, solved and realized by the Chair staff. Besides the fact that this is a homogeneous scientific team, the Chair is a group of like-minded persons - people, who can consider and understand each others’ point of view, can collaborate with each other (which is also a spirit of system investigations).